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Here at Skywalker Style we believe in quality, caring and customised clipping. Our salon is connected with Galston Veterinary Clinic making it convenient to cater for all your pooch's needs. 

Kazoo has often been referred to as an 'artist' amongst dog groomers. He has been beautifying dogs  since 2002 under the meticulous guidance of John Edwards. 

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Wash & Blow Dry
For both short and long haired dogs. A massaging bath with high quality shampoos and conditioners. A full brush out with a warming blow dry.
Includes a complimentary nail clip.
Wash, Blow dry & Tidy up
With all the benefits of the wash and blow dry, we also trim around the face, feet bottom and tail.
Nagayu Spa Treatment
This spa treatment disperses the body fluid that causes odour from your dogs coat, it gives a more thorough clean than regular water. The treatment also breaks down mineral waste and silicon dirt clogged into the hair roots, this results in a full, silky and healthy coat.
Full body clip
A standard length full body clip. This type of clip is perfect for tick season or just to give your pooch a new, fresh look. This service also include a wash, blow dry, ear trim and nail clip.
Breed specific clip
Kazoo specialises in clipping dogs for shows. The style of cut is a specific type of clip for your dog's breed. This service is highly sort after and your dog's coat is left nothing less than perfect.
Full body scissor clip
This style is completely done by hand, this enables the coat to be left at a longer length than the clippers can leave it. This style is perfect for tidying up and only trimming longer haired dogs. This service includes a wash, blow dry, nail clip and ear trim/pluck.
Nail Clip
Complimentary with all clips and washes. Also offered as a separate service.
Express anal glands
If your dog has been 'scooting' along the ground it may be because it's anal glands are full. We can express these glands to give relief to your dog.



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